Sizzling Truth: Are Sausages Keto-Friendly? A Guide to the Best and Beware

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If you are a keto enthusiast, navigating the world of sausages can be a bit like tiptoeing through a culinary minefield. Fear not, as we unravel the mysteries of sausages in the keto realm, helping you identify the champions and avoid the pitfalls.

Understanding the Basics:

1. Protein vs. Carbs:

   – Keto success hinges on maintaining low carbohydrate intake. Traditional sausages often include fillers like breadcrumbs or sugars, which can spike carb counts. Opt for sausages with minimal carbs and higher fat content.

2. Ingredients Matter:

   – Check labels diligently. Avoid sausages containing hidden sugars, corn syrup, or high-carb fillers. Opt for those made with quality meats and natural flavourings.

Keto-Friendly Sausages:

1. Bratwurst:

   – Typically made with pork and minimal fillers, bratwurst is a keto-friendly favourite.

2. Italian Sausages:

   – Choose varieties with minimal carbs and high-fat content. Look out for those made from pork or a pork and beef blend.

3. Chorizo:

   – A spicy and flavourful choice, chorizo often boasts a low carb count. Check the label to ensure it does not contain added sugars.

4. Andouille:

   – This Cajun sausage made from pork is usually keto-friendly but be cautious of added sugars or carb-laden ingredients.

5. Chicken or Turkey Sausages:

   – Leaner options are available for those watching their fat intake. Ensure they are free from carb-heavy fillers.

6. Homemade Sausages:

   – Consider making your own sausages using keto-friendly ingredients to have full control over what goes into them.

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Red Flags:

1. Sweet or Maple-Flavoured Sausages:

   – These often contain sugars or syrup, making them a keto no-no.

2. Processed Sausages:

   – Beware of highly processed sausages, as they may hide sugars, preservatives, and other additives that could derail your keto efforts.

3. Pre-Packaged Mixes:

   – Some sausages come in pre-packaged mixes. Check these carefully for hidden carbs.

Tips for Navigating the Sausage Aisle:

1. Read Labels:

   – Knowledge is power. Always read the nutritional labels to ensure you are making keto-conscious choices.

2. Ask the Butcher:

   – Don’t hesitate to ask your local butcher about the ingredients in their sausages. They often have valuable insights.

3. Experiment and Enjoy:

   – With so many keto-friendly options available, embrace the variety. Experiment with different sausages to keep your keto journey exciting.


Sausages can be a keto-friendly delight if you choose wisely. By being vigilant about ingredients, opting for quality meats, and experimenting with different varieties, you can Savor the sizzle without compromising your ketogenic lifestyle. Happy keto eating!

YouTube Video – Sausage Casserole || The Keto Kitchen

The Keto Kitchen

Watch on YouTube for full ingredient list and method in video description.

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