Bone Broth: The Keto and Fasting Elixir Packed with Minerals and Goodness


Bone broth has a long history as a nourishing and healing elixir, dating back centuries. In recent years, it has experienced a resurgence in popularity, particularly among those following ketogenic diets and practicing intermittent fasting. This article explores the numerous benefits of bone broth in the context of keto and fasting, focusing on the rich minerals and goodness it offers.

The Basics of Bone Broth

Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones, such as beef or chicken, along with herbs, spices, and vegetables in water for an extended period. This slow-cooking process allows the bones to release their valuable minerals, amino acids, and gelatine, which contribute to the broth’s many health benefits.

Minerals in Bone Broth

Bone broth is a mineral-rich elixir that provides the body with several essential nutrients, making it a valuable addition to the ketogenic diet and fasting. Here are some of the key minerals found in bone broth:

Calcium: Bone broth contains calcium in a form that’s easily absorbed by the body, supporting healthy bones and teeth.

Magnesium: This mineral plays a crucial role in muscle and nerve function, as well as blood sugar regulation. Bone broth is a good source of magnesium.

Phosphorus: Phosphorus is essential for energy metabolism, bone health, and kidney function, and it’s found in abundance in bone broth.

Potassium: Potassium is vital for maintaining proper heart rhythm, nerve function, and muscle contractions.

Sodium: Sodium is a crucial electrolyte, especially on the ketogenic diet, which can lead to increased sodium excretion. Bone broth helps replenish sodium levels.

Sulfur: Sulfur-containing amino acids, like cysteine, are essential for various physiological processes, and they are found in bone broth.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth on Keto and Fasting:

Aids Digestion: Bone broth contains gelatine, which supports a healthy gut lining, improves digestion, and may reduce symptoms of conditions like leaky gut syndrome.

Hydration: The high-water content in bone broth helps maintain proper hydration, a critical aspect of overall health, especially during fasting periods.

Joint Health: The collagen in bone broth may help alleviate joint pain and improve joint health, making it valuable for those following the keto diet and fasting who may experience reduced inflammation.

Ketosis Support: Bone broth is naturally low in carbs and calories, making it an ideal beverage during fasting to stay in ketosis.

Satiety: The rich, savoury flavour of bone broth can help curb appetite, making it easier to stick to fasting schedules and keto diets that require calorie restriction.

Immune Support: The amino acids in bone broth, like glycine and arginine, may support a healthy immune system.

How to Enjoy Bone Broth on Keto and Fasting:

Sip It: Enjoy a warm cup of bone broth as a comforting, low-calorie beverage during fasting periods or as a keto-friendly snack.

Use It as a Base: Incorporate bone broth as a base for soups, stews, and sauces in your keto cooking, adding flavour and nutrients.

Post-Fast Rehydration: After fasting, rehydrate with bone broth to restore electrolyte balance.

As a Morning Ritual: Start your day with a cup of bone broth to kickstart your metabolism during fasting periods.


Bone broth is a remarkable elixir that offers a wealth of minerals and health benefits, making it a perfect companion for those on ketogenic diets and practicing intermittent fasting. With its capacity to nourish, support hydration, and provide essential minerals, bone broth is a treasure chest of goodness that can enhance your health, well-being, and adherence to these dietary regimens. So, savour the richness of bone broth and experience the goodness it brings to your keto and fasting journey.

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